Thursday, May 25, 2017

core to my lips

i sat in the passenger seat, and his hands held the steering wheel as we drove across hot pavement. i leaned my head against the back of the seat, and my heart grew words i couldn't understand until now. she is loved. the tall girl. the one who is braver than me, and pours out her heart into others even when she feels she can't (i laugh because it's all Him).

the city flies by, and the car is loud, but my thoughts are soft and still. i love them. the blonde boy who doesn't talk because he doesn't like his lisp. the curly haired boy who grew up and switched to contacts. the older brother who finally learned how to love others. the boy who wears hats because he's embarrassed when his hair isn't styled. the girl who is so brave, and runs into war with hands full of light. the girl who loves when no one is looking.

tonight i sat in the driver's seat, and lightning flashed as the rain started to pour. i leaned my head against the back of the seat, and stopped at the red light. a song was playing in my heart, but i could never understand the words. i sink beneath the weight of love because i can't get it from my core to my lips.

but He appeared beside me, so gently that i barely noticed it. the clouds broke for a minute, and the golden light was shining on the wet ground. no one else saw. let freedom rise. 

it was something like that. the song, i mean. the one that is written into the curves of my ribs, that aches when i miss you. His mighty hands carved those words in there, and it is a song that is so sorrowful, but so mighty that even the sky trembles when it is sung.

i love you. those words taste like summer on my lips (wild strawberries and peach juice and afternoon naps), but they come out a little too shaky and quiet. i am a heart-girl, and the i can't get my mouth to tell you what i mean. but it is there, full and honest, if you care to pick up the scattered pieces (i'm a bit clumsy sometimes).

search my heart
p.s. i'll catch up on your blogs after my trip this weekend. loves.