Friday, March 17, 2017



*does a little jig*

this is the moment you've all been waiting for. *crowd cheers* WE'RE DOING A GIVEAWAY. awfwafawfl. this is super exciting. i sent Addy an email talking about the idea, completely forgot about it, and wondered for a minute what on earth she was talking about when she texted me a couple weeks later. good job, us. 

BUT HELLO. and welcome. we are so pumped to do this. here's what's up:

to enter --

in order for you to enter this giveaway, you must answer the following question in a comment on this post. If you don't answer the question, then your comment won't be counted as an entry.

if you could recommend one song to me, what would it be?

but wait --

You can also gain another entry by commenting on the post that Addy has on her blog over here.

what's included --

-a super cool patch or two
-a mail hug (by marc johns/department store for the mind)
-handwritten letters from me & adelaide
-and a sweet surprise *sneaky laugh*

the deadline --

yo. you have until next month on the 17th to enter. so spread the news. party. take your time. but don't procrastinate because that's not good. we'll announce the winner around then. and i'll happily laugh about it all.

if you have any questions, leave them below. otherwise that's it! i love you guys. thanks for everything. weeeep.


p.s. don't forget to comment on addy's post! because she's cool. and it'll better your chances of winning.
p.p.s. we can only mail inside the States! so only U.S. residents please.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

desert boy

okay let's all just take a very long moment to gaze upon the beauty that is jordan's skillz.
she's the absolute best.



some days we stumble upon them.

desert at the end of the tree line.
his eyes surprised me, for i had seen them before
but not here. not here.


salty tears in the midst of hills upon hills 
of golden sand. 
he asked for me, and i weakly scrambled back.

i told him to stay still.
just a moment, and i'll return.

so i ran to the trees behind us,
and called out His name, hoping upon hope
that i would get an answer.

faithful heart.

His voice spoke miracles,
and i fell into those arms that were so heavy with love
that it was something i knew i would never lose.

He cares for you.

i stood at the edge of the tree line,
freedom and faith cleaning out my lungs.
it was never my job

to save him.


things turn out a little different than you'd expect.

+ addy and i have a special surprise coming on st. patty's day. 
+ this week only started two days ago, but it's already been a wild ride.
+oh, and i love you. tell me some good things.
+also u better go follow jordan or i'll cry.
+(u don't want to see me cry.)
+also i kept almost typing desert as dessert and so now i'm hungry. oops.