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if you're looking for more to read, click this golden link and it'll take you to some posts that are special to me:


plus, my best friend runs a blog here


if you're looking for some good music, here you go:

the bird and the beesides (my faves: at least we made it this far, the lining is silver, there was no thief, curl up and die, beaming, up and up [acoustic], who i am hates who i've been)

 just kids (faves: let it rain, ghost, the conversation)

silhouettes & sand (faves: absolutely all of them. but if you need something for a sad heart, try silhouettes & sand or edge of eden)

the burning edge of dawn (my faves: the rain keeps falling, i want to say i'm sorry, be kind to yourself, the sower's song)

home (faves: a long way, morning light, at the table, benediction & basically all of them) 

still here? well, here are a couple more links: forget & not slow down / the peace of wild things / atlas: oceans / dear wormwoodrivers in the wasteland / corduroy road / paperweights / atlas: light / heart / black bear / of this i'm sure / woodland 


if you have an hour to spare, this movie/documentary is close to my heart:

the sea in between


and here are the books, yo:

the green ember - s.d. smith // gonna say right here that this book made me cry and that i related to picket so bye while i go cry over my heart

the secret keepers - trenton lee stewart // alright, everybody. this one is important. i just need you to read it and tell me it didn't make you understand selflessness even more. (also read the mysterious benedict society if you looveedd it)

airman - eion colfer // this book made me cry like a baby the first time i read it. and then i read it a second time without a tear, but it'll always be that one book that i'm like, "yep, that's it." 

unwritten letters to you - t.b. laberge // addy got me this for my birthday. go get it if you like good words and meaningful sentences. 

outlaws of time - n.d. wilson // she's named Glory and he's named Sam. what more do you need?

wingfeather saga - andrew peterson // it literally took me two years to build up the courage to pick up the first book. it was worth it, though. go get 'em. 

the secret of ford stadium - joshua and bobby hodgson // awfwaekagja. *falls over laughing* i know the boys who wrote this and it is pure gold and i promise it'll make you laugh hard. 

100 cupboards - n.d. wilson // this one is a keeper. and the rest of them. yeah. it's good. *sneaky laugh*

isle of swords - wayne thomas batson //  first read this one and then scream with laughter and run to get isle of fire. it's about this boy named Cat. he lost his memory. and i just have to sit still for a moment and soak the books up because w o w. absolute favorites. 


  1. AAH this page is so cool - either i'm super unobservant or this is new haha but i must check out all this stuff :3 <3

    1. HAHAHA. it's pretty new new new. so you're good. x hope you love it. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.

  2. Such a good page! I just checked everything out. :)

    1. WOOOOOOOOOOO. that makes me HAPPY. thanks for checking it out, Jessica girl. x


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